What does a tsunami, the number eleven and armpits mean in a dream?

Dream 468: I need to change some things about myself A woman had the following dream: “I had an unusual dream about tattoos under each one of my arm pitts. I don’t have any tattoos or want them but there were 3 inside my arm pitts. They were small like a dime size.  One hadContinue reading “What does a tsunami, the number eleven and armpits mean in a dream?”

Feeling Washed Out

Life Changing Events Dream 220: Feeling Washed Out A 28-year-old woman dreamt that she was walking along an ocean boardwalk with her mother. The water rose and engulfed them. She survived, was uncertain what happened to her mother, and felt exhausted. Dream 222–Interpretation Water is emotion which in this case overwhelms the dreamer. She recentlyContinue reading “Feeling Washed Out”

Saving Myself from My Anger

  Dream 194: Saving Myself from My Anger A 36-year-old man dreamt that he was on a raft with his brother who was two years older.  There were other swimmers in the water who were quite relaxed.  Suddenly a huge wave came that lifted the water level very high.  Then another wave raised the waterContinue reading “Saving Myself from My Anger”