What does an acorn and an oak tree symbolize in a dream?

Dream 507: Feeling a little squirrely I don’t usually have dreams about my father because he treated everyone in our family poorly. He had passed away back in 1989. So last night i dreamt I was playing around tossing an acorn to my dad landing on his lap, he got up walked over to meContinue reading “What does an acorn and an oak tree symbolize in a dream?”

What could two trees joined by a bridge mean in a dream?

  Dream 452: Bringing My Higher Self to Others A woman had the following dream: “I’m standing on a high bridge whose poles are made of small pieces of clouds. I don’t know how they can keep this whole weight. I don’t see that its something real.I can see on the bridge, now it sContinue reading “What could two trees joined by a bridge mean in a dream?”

Up, up and away without that balloon in a dream?

Dream 451: I need to cool my emotions to do what I need to do A woman who is an expert in astral projection had the following dream: “I found myself flying in the air with a red balloon attached to my waist. I was flying over a busy city street wondering why I hadContinue reading “Up, up and away without that balloon in a dream?”

Why are trees heaven sent?

Dream Image 412: only God Can Make a Tree It is almost always good news when trees up in force in your dreams. That is because they are a symbol of integration.  Their roots go far into the earth, trees are on the level with you, and they open up to the sky. Beyond that,Continue reading “Why are trees heaven sent?”

What do trees, food, and apples mean in a dream?

7 Dream 411: An Apple a Day A man had the following dream: “I dreamt of seeing a dense tree with an abundance of dense green leaves. There was only one opening in the tree and in that opening there was an upside down red apple that looked and took the shape of a heart.Continue reading “What do trees, food, and apples mean in a dream?”

What do panda bears and stars mean in a dream?

Chomping on Bamboo Dream 404: I’m a panda bear reaching for the stars A woman had the following dream: I dreamed I was a Panda bear, yes, a Panda. Boy are their lives boring! I dreamed I was eating bamboo. While I was eating it I stared at the moon. And I decided to followContinue reading “What do panda bears and stars mean in a dream?”

What does Mary the mother of God, trees and walnuts represent in a dream?

Dream 359: Please Listen to Me A woman reported the following dream: “I dreamed I was in robes in a desert town in front of a very old brick building. I was pleading with those passing by to believe in what Jesus was trying to teach them. From the crowd someone yelled Mary you don’tContinue reading “What does Mary the mother of God, trees and walnuts represent in a dream?”

What does floating mean in a dream?

Dream 329: Floating High A 50 something man described having a dream that he always remembered even years later. When he was an elementary school boy, he dreamed repeatedly that he was floating above trees. From the sky,he viewed his friend and himself walking through the neighborhood on the sidewalk. He felt like he wasContinue reading “What does floating mean in a dream?”

What do trees mean in a dream?

Dream 327: I Feel Uprooted Trees in dreams are major symbols of integration. Trees have deep roots that go far down into the ground, they reach upward towards the sky, and they are on the level ground where you are. They also are symbols of growth because they are large living plants. They are vitalContinue reading “What do trees mean in a dream?”

Lightning Integration

Dream 290: A woman in her twenties dreamed that she was in a broken run down apartment. She was with loved ones who were insanely content with the condition of the building. The dreamer wondered why they were so happy. They replied that they were satisfied and intended to stay. Suddenly, the walls began crumbling,Continue reading “Lightning Integration”

Striking Dreamlike Image

Dreamlike image 265: Why is this image of lightning striking a tree so impressive? It is because of the meaning of the different elements of the image in dreams or in our subconscious. Lightning is electric fire. Fire subconsciously is registered as change because fire changes matter into energy. Lightning is dramatic fire or fireContinue reading “Striking Dreamlike Image”

Dreams: Guide to the Soul

This book shows how an experienced psychologist developed an intuitive dream interpretation method. If you like this book, please share by clicking on your favorite network below.  Steven G. Fox, Ph.D. Is the author of “Dreams: Guide to the Soul” I am finishing my personal story and sojourn to health by putting MS into remissionContinue reading “Dreams: Guide to the Soul”

Scaring Myself

Dream 207: Scaring Myself A 42-year-old man dreamt that he was sailing across a lake with a small, sleek and beautiful sailboat. The lake was crystal clear water. At some point, he decided to enter a lagoon surrounded by dense forest and plants. He wanted to go ashore, but the shallow water was murky withContinue reading “Scaring Myself”

Time to Travel

Dream 181: Time to Travel A 64-year-old woman dreamt of three trees.  Then she saw herself and a friend she had as a teenager looking at maps in a geography book.  This high school friend was very similar to the dreamer when she was a teenager. The friend was extroverted and fun to be around. Continue reading “Time to Travel”