What does hair, bleach, and going bald mean in a dream?

Dream 381: Give Me a Head with Hair A woman had the following dream: “I dreamed I was bleaching my hair then I was going bald from the front to the back.” My Interpretation Hair is on your head where thinking occurs. Hair is also usually a part of sexual attraction. Bleach is a harshContinue reading “What does hair, bleach, and going bald mean in a dream?”

What do lizards and newts mean in dreams?

Dream Answer 319: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going Newts have the unusual ability to regenerate eyes, intestines, hearts, spinal cords and jaws. Lizards are reptiles that are quick to avoid their many enemies and predators and have amazing defenses. Some lizards, to escape a predator who has them in their clenches,Continue reading “What do lizards and newts mean in dreams?”

Thoughts Lead to Who You Are

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