What does surgery and metal left in your body mean in a dream?

Dream 450: Testing your metal A woman dreams that she went through surgery that she did not want to have. The surgeons left metal in her body. She thought the dream was weird and wondered what it could mean. Interpretation  When doctors and hospitals are involved, the dream almost invariably is about healing. Surgery isContinue reading “What does surgery and metal left in your body mean in a dream?”

What do UFOs, submarines and earthquakes mean in a dream?

Dream 369: Looking Up and Feeling Down A young man had the following dream: “I had a dream where the streets was in a massive uproar. Citizens were locking themselves in and some where fleeing the city. As I looked outside into the streets I’ve witnessed the military and police on every corner. As IContinue reading “What do UFOs, submarines and earthquakes mean in a dream?”

Work Lowers My Consciousness

Dream 186: Work Pancakes My Consciousness A 44-year-old man dreamt that he returned to work after taking a leave of absence.  During that leave, he attended therapy and felt that his consciousness was in a better place.  When he returned to work he dreamt that he was on an upper floor when the skyscraper beganContinue reading “Work Lowers My Consciousness”

My Temper Is Old Faithful

Dream 177: My Temper Is Old Faithful A 28-year-old man dreamed that he saw in his mind a huge amount of volcanic activity going on below the surface of the earth. He then saw himself near a field of geysers. The geysers were erratically with no predictability spewing huge sprays of hot water into theContinue reading “My Temper Is Old Faithful”

Dream 130–Getting Away from It All

Dream 130 Getting Away From It All A twenty-eight year old man dreamed that he was on a ship which navigated to an island.  When he went onto the island, there was a path covered with an ongoing bamboo mat which led to a vibrantly green and lush jungle.  There was a large muscular bruteContinue reading “Dream 130–Getting Away from It All”