Dream 487: Protecting Powerful Energies from the Negative

Dream 487: Rolling in the deep A man had the following dream: “So I had a dream where I was up on this sort of wooden watchtower with a bow and some arrows when suddenly a group of people riding elephants swarmed my tower. I held them off with my arrows and in the dream,Continue reading “Dream 487: Protecting Powerful Energies from the Negative”

The Savage Giant

Dream 475: Slaying evil aggression A man described the following dream: I don’t remember much of this dream, but it was so unusual that I’ll post it: It took place in a large building with a church, and people lived there. Sounds like a convent, but it was mixed sex. There was a giant thatContinue reading “The Savage Giant”

Appearance of the Sacred Heroic Masculine

To Serve and Protect Dream 288 A man in his forties dreamed repeatedly that he was visited by a white robed faceless spirit. This spirited man gave the dreamer all elements of a knights armor. He was given a knights helmet, breastplate, body armor, sword, etc. This was a recurring dream where he found himselfContinue reading “Appearance of the Sacred Heroic Masculine”

Be Less Defensive

Be Less Defensive