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Can dreams help you make decisions about moving or getting another job?

Being Conservative Is Hard on My Head

A 36-year-old fine arts professor dreamt that he was on the patio of a Mexican restaurant. There was a wasp’s nest above the kidney shaped bar. Suddenly, a wasp flew down and stung him in the head. The dream shifted to him listening to a waittress. She was telling him about a long sordid affair she had with a professor.

Dream Interpretation

This professor recently received job offers from colleges in Ohio and California. WASP also stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant. I asked him which college was more conservative. He replied that the college in Ohio was much more conservative and he did not know if it would tolerate his avant-garde teaching style and research. I asked him what he associated with Mexican restaurants, and he replied California. I asked him what was the biggest mistake he ever made in his field, and he replied that he regretted a decision not to attend a college in California. That she, the waittress had a sordid affair with a professor indicated that his emotions (the waitress) had been untrue to his intellectual decisions (the male professor)—this was highlighted by the fact that he regretted not going to college in California/

The dream voted in the direction of the college in California. His subconscious exclaimed that a conservative atmosphere was hard on his head and thinking. A restaurant in a dream nurtures one psychologically, and the dream is saying that, for him, California is much more likely to be nurturing.

The female waittress is a part of his work emotions. In dreams, a waittress is often seen as “one who waits.” He told me consciously that his biggest career mistake was not attending a learning institution in California. The waittress is talking about an emotional mistake with a professor. The dream is warning him about making sincere and solid emotional connections. The dream is screaming that he needs to attend a learning institution in California.

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What does a baby boy not being able to move and falling on your face mean in a dream?

Fear of falling on your face if you do something new


Dream 401: Should I Make This New Move?

A woman had the following dream:

“I had a strange dream that I had put my infant baby on a bed all in white and so was the baby. Just the exact way they wrap them in a hospital, then a lady said to me your baby fell on the floor laying flat face, and I went that way to get him. How strange a infant can’t move wrapped that way, he was not crying either. So confused on this dream.”

My Interpretation

Clothing usually represents your psychological defenses. A baby boy usually represents a new action part of yourself. The dream seems to be implying there is a new action part yourself that is severely limited and bound with limited options. You may have tried to do something different and either have or have fear of “falling on your face.”

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What if you have a series of dreams close together? Can these dreams all be about the same thing?

Dreams can bring out the warrior in your woman
Dreams can bring out the warrior in your woman

Dream 377: I have an idea, I think it is right, and I can do it myself, thank you

A woman had the following series of dreams:

“I had a series of vivid dreams of late.
1. Brushing my hair and clumps of hair fall out asking with pieces of my scalp, which starts to bleed.
2. Surprisingly didn’t know I was pregnant until I went into labor (luckily at a hospital) I end up running from staff to give birth privately in an unused room alone, without help.
3. I make candy and have one recipe I’ve used so often that I know it by heart. In this dream as I tell someone the recipe, a complete stranger shows up in the doorway to insist that my ingredients are wrong. For some reason I can’t let it go, I just keep arguing why I’m right.”

My Interpretation

I love series of dreams. Frequently a series of dreams that occur closely together may be talking about the same issues. I view what is described below as a consolidation of the information.

1. Losing hair can mean worries about having the power to do something. This is something a little different because you were actually losing pieces of your scalp with it. To me, I was wondering if you initially had concern whether you had the right idea about something.

2. Having a baby can be symbolic of starting a new project, a new idea, new venture, etc. Insisting on having the baby alone may actually be advice from your subconscious to pursue the project, idea, or venture alone without other people disrupting the idea.

3. You have a sweet idea of how to nurture others (candy) that you have carried for a long time. You are convinced about the rightness of the idea and can defend it to others (the argument with the stranger).

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What is the meaning of a Native American telling me in a dream that my tribal name would be Life Force Dancer?

Releasing Warrior, Heroic Masculine, and Magician Archetypes to Help Healing
Releasing Warrior, Heroic Masculine, and Magician Archetypes to Help Healing

Dream Healing 376: Mythical Name Helps Tie Into Archetypal Energy

After I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 24 years ago, I started in therapy with a Jungian dream analyst. This changed my life because I learned to tap into archetypal energies. The name was given to me by a Native American in a dream was Life Force Dancer. I emblazoned this emblem on a T-shirt. This name was symbolic of the combination of energies that would help send my multiple sclerosis (MS) into remission. This will be explained in my coming book Mission Remission


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What does trying to land a plane on top of the Empire State Building mean?

Upward and Onward
Upward and Onward

Dream 364: I have to land that baby

I had a dream that I was a passenger in a two seater small Cesna propeller plane. The pilot was a psychology professor who influenced me strongly as far as what graduate school to attend. He was a hip New Yorker of Jewish faith who gave me advice about my girlfriend.

He was supposed to land the plane on top of the Empire State Building for some reason, but was afraid to do it because it would take extraordinary skill. Then I saw another professional piloting an identical plane who safely landed on top of the empire state building. He did it by flying as slowly as possible, and then cutting the engines, and dropping maybe four feet so that he landed behind a retaining wall that kept him from going off the building.

My whole feeling was something like “Oh, that’s how it is done” with deep admiration for this other pilot’s skill. What could it mean?

This dream appeared in the Power of Dreams page on Facebook sponsored by Dale Miesen. Some experienced dream interpreters were kind enough to help me.

One interpreter offered the following:

“Maybe it’s a call to open your mind to other possibilities aside from your usual knowledge and trusted theories that have gotten you this far. They might not make sense to you at first but if you open yourself to them you will find that they do make sense but in a way you never would have thought. Also maybe something around things that you previously thought impossible or improbable may in fact hold the answer.”

Another interpreter offered the following interpretation:

“I’m so honored to be inside your head and Wow! Your vehicle here is a plane instead of a car which tells me you know how to pilot through life well. (It also tells me how you view yourself.) It is also a Cesna (which I’ve flown) and they are the Cadillacs of planes with almost everything computerized and can almost fly themseves. Nice!

In this dream you are seeing the other you who is also a psychologist who pilots the plane as you try to observe how he (you) will land it. This is you evaluating You. You seem to still be worried though and need a better look so you “split” yourself (spirit) or “view” yet again as you watch an identical plane in the sky achieve the maneuver. The maneuver was done “slowly” with a safety net as represented by the retaining wall. The Empire State building says you have your sights set on something high of the highest importance as well.

If there is a decision on something you are currently going back and forth about in your head I believe you are telling yourself to go slowly and do so with a safety net in place when it’s time as this is of the utmost highest importance. And THAT’S “how its done” safely, without worry.”

“Empire” State building could represent an empire you have built in life such as a retirement and you are thinking of “landing” your vehicle (retiring) but wish to do so safely with a “safety net” in place. At any rate, you have been pondering something big in your head.

A third interpreter offered the following interpretation:

“Is there a question of how you approach your next project? The answer, I believe, is in your observation of how the other professional landed his vehicle, not necessarily the known professor who was there for you in your past. You may admire another influence who is new in your life whose method will serve you better in order to get to the next phase of your professional career.”

My Reaction to the Interpretations

Wow, Danielle and Wendy, great insights. I think I know what the possibilities might be. I loved being a practicing psychologist, and for years felt like I should write. As you can imagine, if you have 25 to 30 clients per week, with the paperwork and all, you really don’t have much time to write books.

I never felt I had anything to say until I was older. It now I feels like I have a lot to say and can say it coherently which was never the case in the past. I actually imagine sometimes that I should think about writing full time. My appetite was whetted by my first book which actually clarified my thinking quite a bit.

It has been my experience that flying dreams are usually big dreams. Maybe I should “slow down” my private practice so that I can reach new heights in a different way. Wendy, I knew you would grab onto the plane-flying being a pilot. Danielle, you are wise and know how things work in the world.

This again reinforces how big breakthroughs come so much faster with dreams. It helps immensely to have someone outside of yourself look at your dream. I can try and usually be objective mostly about my dreams, but the dreamer is usually biased so that the dreamer misses a lot. Thank you, Thank you :^)

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