Radio Talk Show Guest Steven Fox

I will be a 1-hour interview guest on this Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) am talk-radio station program. I developed an intuitive dream interpretation method based on Jungian theory and twenty-five years of psychologist private practice. I will be talking about my book, “Dreams:Guide to the Soul” and my dream interpretation blog, It willContinue reading “Radio Talk Show Guest Steven Fox”

What do flying owls mean in a dream?

Dream 401:Wisely Finding Myself Spiritually A woman reported the following dream: “I have been having dreams of horned owls surrounding me. I have my hands and face up, and these owls are just flying around me. I am standing in a field and I am wearing a white dress and have really long hair. There’sContinue reading “What do flying owls mean in a dream?”

Dreams Interview with Nate Gutman

See this interview and podcast I did for fun with Nate Gutman. I discuss some of the highlights of my book. See

What does having sex with intuitive people in dreams mean?

Getting to know all about you Dream 371: Going Crazy on You A woman had the following dream: “I dreamed the other night that I helped two guys who became infatuated with me. (This actually happens to me a lot in life.) There were two other guys there that were my friends in the dreamContinue reading “What does having sex with intuitive people in dreams mean?”

What Causes Sleepwalking (somnambulence)?

Dream Question 365: What causes sleepwalking? Somnambulence (basically sleepwalking) has many causes. During deep sleep, the brain responds to delta waves. Anything that increases delta waves can increase sleepwalking. This includes genetics, delayed maturation, stress and overtiredness, and medications are some of the usual suspects. I personally have known many people who never sleepwalk, subsequentlyContinue reading “What Causes Sleepwalking (somnambulence)?”

Dreams and Reality

Dream Image 363: Dream Interpretation Is Where Dreams and Reality Meet Dream interpretation may help you find that place at

Interview of Author

Interview of myself by Dr. David Van Nuys of Shrink Rap Radio really got to the heart of my book. His website is excellent and you can download the interviews! #381 – Dreams As Guides to The Soul with Steven G. Fox