What might a starving cat in a vegetarian’s dream mean?

Dream 457: More ways than one to feed a starving cat A woman had the following dream: “I keep having a reoccuring dream of my dog.  She is a small dog.  I wake up and she is on my front step.  There is a tub with hundreds of baby chickens. She is eating them andContinue reading “What might a starving cat in a vegetarian’s dream mean?”


Where’s the Meat?

Dream 217: Where’s the Meat? Learning to Love Yourself A 38-year-old woman dreamt she was a thin and starving cat. She saw a dead cat. She as a cat began to eat the dead animal. There was hardly any meat on the bones. Dream 217–Interpretation Family pets often represent affectionate feelings with cats being associatedContinue reading “Where’s the Meat?”

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