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Get Up and Go

Dream 248: Get Going

A 26-year-old woman dreamt that she was in a castle dungeon. She nevertheless felt she was in a school where the evil queen was trying to teach her lessons about life. The evil queen there somehow felt empathy toward the dreamer. Suddenly, her mother showed up and whisked her away.

She then found herself in a pond where a youngish male was teaching her. A girlfriend who swam in the Olympics was also in the pond. There was a model boat made of toothpicks and lily pads with beautiful flowers floating in the pond.

The dreamer saw herself plunge deep in the water. She somehow caused a huge wave. Her plunge ruined the frail boat and beautiful flowers.

She then saw a rebellious 14-year-old boy. He was running away. The dreamer ran after him to join him.

Dream 248–InterpretationThe Queen's Castle

She quit school after 8th grade. She never obtained a job. She lived at home. She was homebound and agoraphobic because of severe anxiety.

She is imprisoned in a castle because she imprisoned herself in her house because of severe social anxiety. She was easily disturbed by other people’s emotions.

The dream makes a point of saying she can easily leave her imprisonment. This is shown by her mother who is her mother introject suddenly and easily taking her away from her self-imposed dungeon. She is then taken to another school.

The teacher in the castle was a queen. The queen in dreams is usually aggressive and into wielding power. This queen archetype is a part of her that does not have the necessary “get up and go” or needed aggression to accomplish goals. This queen is ineffective and wastes time and energy feeling sorry for the dreamer rather than helping her accomplish goals. She does not have the emotional strength which the Queen can give to help her persevere to her goals.

Water is almost always emotion. The dream makes a point of saying that she is surrounded and engulfed by emotion. She had a rather young male teacher in her dream who is the heroic masculine who wanted to teach her effective actions she can take in life.

She made a start by trying to navigate her emotions (the frail small boat). She also was trying to do appreciate beauty in her life (the flowers in the water). The dream makes a point of showing her that she destroyed her recent efforts by plunging into emotion and creating disturbances.

The dream ends by presenting a relatively new action part of her psyche, the 14-year-old boy. This rebellious teenager has the get up and go and gumption to leave home. The dreamer agrees with this action by following him in the dream.

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Going Full Boar

Below is a dream and interpretation from my psychologist private practice. The client is anonymous and biographical details were changed to protect the identity of the dreamer. The interpretation is based upon my book at drstevenfox.com

Dream 167: Going Full Boar

A 22-year-old man dreamt that his father was calmly leading a white leopard which was on a leash.  The dreamer himself was running with a wild boar which was tranquil and friendly.

Dream 167–Interpretation

This was a young man with crippling social anxiety.  After hearing this dream I asked him whether he had been doing more activities, especially social activities lately.  He responded positively, noting that he was going to a church group, was going to public places more, was playing racquet ball more, and was thinking of asking a woman to a dance. 

The dream essentially told me that he was more socially active.  His father in the dream represented his own father introject.  Father introjects typically give encouragement and support to the dreamer’s actions.  Animals are instincts with white being a spiritual color.  The dream is saying that the action part of his psyche was in control of wild instincts to the point that he was more calm, tranquil and spiritual. 

His running with a wild boar emphasized the increased degree of his personal feelings because he felt confident to let his wild instincts go more because he felt able to exert enough personal influence that his wild instincts did not go out of personal influence.  One wants to think of common sayings applicability to the situation.  He was now more likely to trust himself to go “full bore (boar)” socially.  He was less likely to stay home bored (boared?).


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