Giving Up the Handshake

I dreamed that I was on the steps of the Capitol during the insurrection. I was sitting there when a Trump supporting friend who is conservatively religious walked by. He looked at me with deep concern in his eyes. As he shook my hand, my mind was catapulted into reliving severe multiple sclerosis symptoms IContinue reading “Giving Up the Handshake”

Learning about coronavirus in dreams

Dreams about school often involve new learning/new situations such as with the coronavirus…See Bad School Dream During Coronavirus      

Luminous Dream Art: Joseph’s Dream

DreamGreat Art 492: Joseph’s Dream Carl Jung used the term “luminous” to describe the quality of particularly vivid dreams that fill the dreamer with a sense of sacred awe and wonder. This picture of Angel Gabriel telling Joseph that Mary was going to have the child Jesus comes close to that inspirational sacred awe thatContinue reading “Luminous Dream Art: Joseph’s Dream”

What does a dark robed figure and a group of 12 people mean in a dream?

Dream 384:Do not judge me because I do not follow you blindly This is a statue that’s in Prague, however, I once had a dream with these beings in it that looked a lot like this.There were about 12 of these faceless robed beings sitting around a table in a large stadium. Thousands, maybe millionsContinue reading “What does a dark robed figure and a group of 12 people mean in a dream?”

Sacrificing an Instinct for Higher Purposes

Dream 184: Sacrificing an Instinct for Higher Purposes A 36-year-old woman dreamt that Inca Indians were capturing sheep for ritual sacrifice. Dream 184 Interpretation The classic South American tribe with religious overtones ensures that archetypal forces are in play.  After hearing this, I asked her if there was a habit she was trying to giveContinue reading “Sacrificing an Instinct for Higher Purposes”