Dreams are given Biblical Importance

There are many examples of dreams having major importance in the Bible including Mary being told about the coming birth. Many of the dreams, like Joseph’s warning to the Pharaoh of Egypt that there would be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine, were predictive. Another example comes from the book ofContinue reading “Dreams are given Biblical Importance”

Did anyone have a predictive dream about the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981?

Predictive Dream 388 Some dreams are dramatically predictive. Here is a good example by a man who had a dream predicting the assassination attempt of President Reagan: “I dreamed, in January, 1981, President Reagan, would be shot in the head. I saw the man point the gun and shoot him. I saw, two secret serviceContinue reading “Did anyone have a predictive dream about the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981?”

What is Synchronicity?

Dream 358: A woman dreamed that an ex-lover whom she had known for years were floating side by side together passively in a pool of water. They both were floating and were perfectly still. She somehow knew that he was going to die. Basically the dream was saying that their relationship died because it wasContinue reading “What is Synchronicity?”

Impressive Predictive Dreams

Dream Image 266: A man dreamt that he could see his mother targeted by a sniper. He was not the sniper, but he had the vision of his mother being in the crosshairs of the rifle’s scope. He woke up just as the sniper was pulling the trigger.   Interpretation: the next day his motherContinue reading “Impressive Predictive Dreams”

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