What does a shopping mall, a candle, socks and money mean in a dream?

Dream 378: Taking Care of Business A woman had the following dream: “I was walking around a mall alone. I was going around and around the same shops like I was trying to find a special one but never could. Then I finally found it and it looked like a clothing and candle shop. IContinue reading “What does a shopping mall, a candle, socks and money mean in a dream?”


My Emotions Are Flying Every Which Way

Dream 281: A 39-year-old man dreamed that he was installing a drip line underground nearest home to water his plants. The main water pipe leading to the drip system broke and was shooting streams of water into the sky. Interpretation Water is virtually always emotion in dreams. A drip line guides water to plants soContinue reading “My Emotions Are Flying Every Which Way”

Scaring Myself

Dream 207: Scaring Myself A 42-year-old man dreamt that he was sailing across a lake with a small, sleek and beautiful sailboat. The lake was crystal clear water. At some point, he decided to enter a lagoon surrounded by dense forest and plants. He wanted to go ashore, but the shallow water was murky withContinue reading “Scaring Myself”

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