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What does a glass full of water breaking in your mouth mean in dreams??

Water is emotions in dreams
Water is emotions in dreams

Dream 372: And Then It Hit Me

A woman had the following dream:

“I dreamt I was drinking from a glass and suddenly there was broken glass all over my mouth and I was trying to spit it out but I couldn’t get rid of it… and my mouth was bleeding… any idea of what it could mean?”

My Interpretation

Water is emotion in dreams. Your glass is usually a bit of personally contained emotion. When a glass breaks in a dream, that usually means that the emotional impact of something has finally hit you.

That your mouth had glass inside it has all kinds of possibilities including, “Did you hurt yourself by something you said?” It would suggest that there was a personal situation that you were handling well, but then you lost control of the situation and it went out of hand and hurt you.

It implies that rather than internalizing an emotional experience, that you may have spoken about it with self-damaging consequences. The vision of blood suggests that it probably involved someone close to you.

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Go Deeper

The Soul Self
The Soul Self

Dream 221: Go Deeper

A 38-year-old woman dreamt that she was going skin diving and had a mask on. The mask was quite prominent on her face. She remembered being pulled down to the bottom of the ocean.

She noted that there was a blackout mark over her mouth as you sometimes see in magazines only the mark is most often over people’s eyes. She had images of her mother flashing in and out during the dream.

Dream 221–Interpretation

She was having a hard time asserting herself at work in a new supervisor position. She noted that her mother had always been very unassertive and passive. Her mother introject appeared throughout the dream because it is the emotional part of herself that she is trying to resolve.

She has a mask over her face that is prominent because she feels like she is hiding and not being true to herself to a large extent. The censor mark or blackout mark is over her mouth because she does not say what she truly means to others because she is too unassertive. She feels pulled to the bottom of the ocean which is her dream’s way of saying that she needs to be true to herself and experience deeper emotion.

The ocean is the best symbol of unconscious emotion that we have. The dream was pointing out that she needs to go deeper into her subconscious emotion to change her so that she allows herself ro speak out. The dream traced the beginnings of her lack of assertiveness to her internalized mother introject. She needed to love herself more to have the confidence to assert herself.

Jung maintained that we each had a higher Self that should always be capitalized. This soulful Self was expressed through the subconscious in dreams. Her Self is asking her to change in this dream.

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My Life Might Suck


Dream 208: My Life Might Suck

A 33-year-old man dreamt that he was being examined by his doctor. The doctor unexpectedly put a suction cup on the dreamer’s stomach to listen to it closely. The doctor then put the suction cup inside the dreamer’s mouth to examine his insides. The doctor acted like he knew what he was doing.

Dream 208 Interpretation

The doctor represented the healthy and therapeutic part of his psyche that wanted to “cure” the dreamer. Basically, the healing part of himself implied that it was vital that he have guts  (the stomach) and speak the truth (examining his mouth and insides).