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Virtually Everyone Dreams


13-Interesting-Facts-about-Dreams-piano2071084484People with extreme psychological disorder or serious physical illness/malfunction do not dream. Marijuana, and alcohol to a lesser extent, block dream memory. Otherwise, everyone dreams. They just forget that they had a dream. The problem is not that they are not having dreams, the problem is that they cannot access their memory to recall dreams.

Surprisingly, people who wake up several times during the night may actually have more dreams. This is because for the dream to be remembered, it has to be transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory. This transfer takes place best when you are awake. So as long as you go back to sleep, waking up lightly several times at night may actually help you remember dreams.

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Awakened Dreams

Awakened DreamsIf you wake up slightly several times per night, you are more likely to remember dreams. That’s because, if you wake up slightly, you are more likely to commit the dream to long-term memory. People who have more active temporoparietal junctions (hearing related area of the brain) during sleep tend to remember dreams more because noise is more likely to slightly awaken them and they commit the dream to long-term memory (information from the 2/22/14 Washington Post at http://m.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/study-the-key-to-remembering-your-dreams-might-be-the-blood-flow-in-your-brain/2014/02/22/486125e2-9a56-11e3-b88d-f36c07223d88_story.html

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