Does everyone dream? How come I do not remember my dreams?

Dreams spiral into the depth of the subconscious We all need dreams. They have performed experiments where people were not allowed to dream because they interrupted the sleeper’s REM sleep. When they were allowed to go to sleep again without their REM sleep being interrupted, they made up for all the REM sleep they hadContinue reading “Does everyone dream? How come I do not remember my dreams?”

You Often Forget Dreams Quickly

Typically, one forgets half of what was dreamed within five minutes and ninety percent after ten minutes. See how dreams are interpreted at

Awakened Dreams

If you wake up slightly several times per night, you are more likely to remember dreams. That’s because, if you wake up slightly, you are more likely to commit the dream to long-term memory. People who have more active temporoparietal junctions (hearing related area of the brain) during sleep tend to remember dreams more becauseContinue reading “Awakened Dreams”