What does a giant cutting off your right hand in a dream mean?

Dream 484: The power to stop yourself from doing something A man told me he dreamed that a giant cut his right hand off and wondered what it might mean. Interpretation A giant is a person that is bigger than life. The right hand is mainly used by most people to do things. It soundsContinue reading “What does a giant cutting off your right hand in a dream mean?”

The Right and Left Stairways

Dreams 289: A man in his early forties dreamed that he was talking to some girls when he was in high school in New York. It was very casual and relaxed conversation in a restaurant located at the top of a mansion. When he left, he found himself at the top of stairs on aContinue reading “The Right and Left Stairways”


Dream 214: The Unpredictable Girl A 36-year-old man dreamt that he moved by operating mechanical extensions that were fastened to each limb. He had a blue-eyed blonde-haired 3-year-old girl on his lap. Every so often the little girl would suddenly twist to the left which greatly inhibited his motions. Dream 214–Interpretation The dream was critiquingContinue reading “Unpredictable”