Do dreams ever possibly refer to past lives?

Dream 480: Quit sacrificing yourself A man had the following dream: “I dreamt of painting a series of numbers on a canvas-like material. The numbers filled the full space of the canvases. I remember painting the number 5.  I believe the numbers were in sequential order. 1 through 8 and all of them were paintedContinue reading “Do dreams ever possibly refer to past lives?”


Appearance of the Sacred Heroic Masculine

To Serve and Protect Dream 288 A man in his forties dreamed repeatedly that he was visited by a white robed faceless spirit. This spirited man gave the dreamer all elements of a knights armor. He was given a knights helmet, breastplate, body armor, sword, etc. This was a recurring dream where he found himselfContinue reading “Appearance of the Sacred Heroic Masculine”

Be Less Defensive

Be Less Defensive

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