What does a dog biting someone in a dream mean?

Dream 448: Getting Rid of a Friend that Bites A woman told me the following before describing her dream: I had a disagreement with someone that’s been in and out of my life. This person contacted me to tell me that I have the the power to fix it. I was asking for a signContinue reading “What does a dog biting someone in a dream mean?”

What does it mean when you find money in a barn for the family you babysit for?

Dream 390: Old MacDonald had a Barn Full of Energy A woman had the following dream: “I dreamed that the family I babysit for (I am friends with the mother) had lost like a friend or family member and a very large sum of cash was owed/given to them. The family drove me to theContinue reading “What does it mean when you find money in a barn for the family you babysit for?”

What does a dragon mean in a dream?

Dream 326: What does a dragon mean in a dream? Animals represent an instinctive energy in a dream. A dragon represents very powerful and almost magical instinctive energy. the following dream illustrates this principle. A woman dreamed that two men replacing millstones deep in the earth through a long shaft because they believed it wouldContinue reading “What does a dragon mean in a dream?”

What does a cougar mean in a dream?

Dream 324: What does a cougar mean in a dream A man dreamed that an animal warned him to go back because at the top of the mountain he was climbing, there was a predator waiting for him. Interpretation Climbing a mountain often represents achieving a goal in life and the high effort you areContinue reading “What does a cougar mean in a dream?”

What do large animals mean in a dream?

At the first level of dream interpretation, each living thing represents a part of the dreamer’s psyche. Animals represent basic drives or instincts. It is usually good to have large and powerful animals in your dreams because it means that you have lots of instinctive energy that can be used in your life. The followingContinue reading “What do large animals mean in a dream?”

Like a Rhinestone Rooster

Dream 261: A 28-year-old woman dreamed that she and other airport security were holding back a crowd of faceless people who were coming through the walls of a terminal liquor bar. She then envisioned the image of a rooster arrayed with sparkling jewelry and rhinestones. When she paid rapt attention to it, the rooster died.Continue reading “Like a Rhinestone Rooster”

Dreams: Guide to the Soul

This book shows how an experienced psychologist developed an intuitive dream interpretation method. If you like this book, please share by clicking on your favorite network below.  Steven G. Fox, Ph.D. Is the author of “Dreams: Guide to the Soul” I am finishing my personal story and sojourn to health by putting MS into remissionContinue reading “Dreams: Guide to the Soul”

Use Your Head and Relax, Man

Dream 224: No Problem, Man A 24-year-old woman had the image in a dream of a horse’s head with Jamaican Rastafarian curly and intricately braided hair. Dream 224–Interpretation Animals are instinct. Horses are renowned for having common sense, i.e. “horse sense.” Jamaicans are known for having ample supplies of marijuana. She insisted on using marijuanaContinue reading “Use Your Head and Relax, Man”

Quit Irritating Me!

Dream 190: I’m Depressed to Avoid Being Aggressive A 44-year-old man dreamt that he was sitting on a couch. Little wild, furry and aggressive creatures were trying to climb up the back of the couch. A high school friend was leaning over him and protecting him from the creatures. Every so often the friend slappedContinue reading “Quit Irritating Me!”

Sacrificing an Instinct for Higher Purposes

Dream 184: Sacrificing an Instinct for Higher Purposes A 36-year-old woman dreamt that Inca Indians were capturing sheep for ritual sacrifice. Dream 184 Interpretation The classic South American tribe with religious overtones ensures that archetypal forces are in play.  After hearing this, I asked her if there was a habit she was trying to giveContinue reading “Sacrificing an Instinct for Higher Purposes”