What do birds and cardinals represent in a dream?

Dream 403: Bird of Paradise Defies the Snake A woman described the following dreams: Two recent dream’s… •One large cardinal in the forest.. •One large copperhead The cardinal was abnormally large, sitting in a tree and I was watching it as it flew down.The snake was coiled at the bottom and errect facing me withContinue reading “What do birds and cardinals represent in a dream?”


What does a whale mean in a dream?

Dream 267: Riding the Whale A nine-year-old boy dreamed he was riding a whale in a large football stadium filled with water. The whale fathomed the waters and did death-defying flips in the air. The boy somehow was unhurt. In fact, he did not even get drenched. The whale suddenly turned and headed straight forContinue reading “What does a whale mean in a dream?”

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