What does a crow and a wicked old man mean in dream?

Dream 518: As the crow flies A man had the following dream:   I dreamt that I was in my home town, down where all the shops are, and I was on a roof ledge. There was an old man up there and he gave me a wicked smile and threw a nest with twoContinue reading “What does a crow and a wicked old man mean in dream?”

What does the number eight and stray cats mean in a dream?

Dream 333: Looking for a Home A young adult woman dreamed of the number 8,888,888 and two stray cats. What could this mean? Interpretation In my world, the number 8 is 2 times 4 equals 8. 4 is the number of stability as there at four legs to a table, four legs to a chair,Continue reading “What does the number eight and stray cats mean in a dream?”

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Dream 291: A man in his thirties had dreams of different places he was living in or hiding in. The roofs were always leaking water or falling apart and were in poor condition. He had these dreams for the last couple of years. Interpretation Water is emotion. The places you are staying can represent yourselfContinue reading “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”

Check Emotions at the Door

http://www.miamiguardservice.com/images/cctv-security-miami.gif Dream 223: Check Your Emotions at the Door An executive dreamt that he left his former workplace which was a commercial building. As he walked outside it became a residential home like the house that his best friends owned. He walked to the house next door which was a thatched shanty like his bipolarContinue reading “Check Emotions at the Door”

Taking My Kitties Home

Dream 175: Taking My Kitties Home A 26-year-old woman dreamt that she was taking all of her kittens and her mother’s dogs home to save them from being beaten. Dream 175 Interpretation She was a nurse who worked at a nursing home.  She had good relationships with nearly all of her patients.  She tried toContinue reading “Taking My Kitties Home”

Fill the Hole in My Soul

Dream 163: Fill the Hole in My Soul A 56-year-old man dreamt that he was filling in his swimming pool with dirt.  At other times he saw himself caring for the pool and the water would be crystal clear. Dream 163–Interpretation This was a recurrent dream. Water almost invariably represents emotion in dreams. Pools represent containedContinue reading “Fill the Hole in My Soul”