What could a fox and three wolves mean in a dream?

Dream 543: Outfoxxing the Wolves of Change A man had the following dream: “I’m walking with a fox in the woods, feels like a companion. There are 3 wolves in the distance, following us. At first I feel like I need to protect the fox, but in the end the grey wolves mean no harm.Continue reading “What could a fox and three wolves mean in a dream?”

What Does a Fox Mean in Dreams?

Dream Image 294: I thought I would explain what my namesake means in a dream. First off, animals represent our instinctive drives. A fox is a wily cunning strategist who thinks outside the box. As such, native indigenous people often associated the Fox with the trickster archetype. The trickster is a major archetype or patternContinue reading “What Does a Fox Mean in Dreams?”