What does it mean to give birth to Jesus in a dream?

Dream 410: Born again A woman had the following dream: “So I had a dream that I was the mother of Jesus, I looked like me but I didn’t at the same time. My hair was longer and darker, my skin was darker, etc ..yet the same exact eyes,lips,height, and curls. I was standing inContinue reading “What does it mean to give birth to Jesus in a dream?”

Check Emotions at the Door

http://www.miamiguardservice.com/images/cctv-security-miami.gif Dream 223: Check Your Emotions at the Door An executive dreamt that he left his former workplace which was a commercial building. As he walked outside it became a residential home like the house that his best friends owned. He walked to the house next door which was a thatched shanty like his bipolarContinue reading “Check Emotions at the Door”