What does vomit mean in a dream?

Dream 465: Making decisions about life and relationships I recently interpreted the following dream: “I was at some formal event dressed to the nines with my buds, and we were uphill from a dancefloor that was connected to where we were with a sidewalk (all of this was outside). It seemed like a prom, butContinue reading “What does vomit mean in a dream?”


Get Up and Dance

Dream 244: Get Up and Dance A 52-year-old woman dreamt that her mother was sitting next to her bed. Her mother yelled at her to “Get Off Your Fat Buttocks (Euphemism) and Dance.” The dreamer noted that her mother was a down-to-earth woman who could be quite crude. Dream 244–Interpretation This dream was a combinationContinue reading “Get Up and Dance”

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