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What does a plethora of food and a muffeletta you can’t eat mean in a dream?

Dream 417: I want a little bit of everything 

A young  woman had the following dream:

Care to help me figure out why I dreamed about being at a Hispanic family’s place for lunch? It was a huge buffet with many different types of beans, sauerkraut, cabbage, sausages, and some non-Mexican sandwiches. I specifically remember getting a wedge of what looked like a muffuletta but at the end of the long line of tables I saw a sandwich tray with roasted bell peppers and goat cheese with balsamic glaze drizzled on top. I had no more room on my plate for it and wanted to cut the other sandwich in half so I could get a thin slice of that one. I woke up as I was train to ask the woman at the table to help me cut a small piece off the sandwich. It was off the main line which seemed odd. Her phone rang and she turned away with the knife in hand. Needless to say, I woke up hungry! I didn’t eat any of the food except for a thin ribbon of red cabbage if that makes any difference. It didn’t seem to be any special occasion for them, just lunch for their huge family.”



This is a soulful dream about being nurtured. The darker the skin in dreams, typically the more soul is being summoned. Food is nurturing and there are a plethora of ways of being nurtured. Muffeletta is a section of a sandwich that has multiple ingredients. That is what is striking about the dream is that there is such a selection.

If it were my dream, the idea would be that you want to take a small part of everything rather than selecting an individual item. Even then, it sounded like you wanted to be involved in a small way.

Your dream doesn’t want to hear this and punctuates this point by having a woman with a knife turn away from you when you’re trying to communicate.

To me the dream seems to be saying you need to throw yourself into something wholeheartedly instead of having a little bit of everything which your subconscious thinks isn’t really possible for some reason which is unknown to me.

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What do dark blue / purple / indigo twin babies mean in a dream?


Dream 410: Indigo babies

A woman reported that her nine-year-old daughter dreamed she had twins that were dark blue / purple in color and wondered what it could mean.


The color blue goes with the throat chakra which is usually how you communicate. The color purple goes with the highest chakra which is above your head. She is probably giving birth to new parts of herself that are related in that she is learning to communicate better and is developing spiritually.

The  dreamer later realized with help from others that the babies were indigo in color. Indigo goes with the chakra that is the third eye of intuition.

The woman  revealed after  hearing the interpretations that her daughter  revealed that she was being abused. That she was able to  tell her mother this was major growth on her part in showing that she needed to communicate to protect herself.

The fact that her daughter dreamed of twins doubles the importance of this dream that indicated that she was developing the twin functions of communication and intuition.

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The Right and Left Stairways


Dreams 289: A man in his early forties dreamed that he was talking to some girls when he was in high school in New York. It was very casual and relaxed conversation in a restaurant located at the top of a mansion. When he left, he found himself at the top of stairs on a landing where there was a stairway to his right and there was a stairway to his left.

He went down the left stairway and knew somehow that he had to use a phone. He then went down the right stairway and found a woman that looked like his wife. She was pretty and looked like his wife. He thought she looked depressed as she was leaning forward on her arms with her forearms resting on the table. He then saw the girls he was talking to earlier pass by in the distance.


This dream is all about communication with his wife. Stairs invariably represent sex because it is a rhthymic activity that ends in a climax. The left tends to be associated in ancient India with subconscious emotions, while the right usually represents conscious activity. The dream is emphasizing the importance of communication in their sex life.

Restaurants are where people are physically and psychologically nourished. The dream is saying that there was something about the way he communicated with those girls in New York that would be useful in his marriage, that there was something about that type of communication that would be especially nourishing in his marriage.

Movement in this dream is down stairways because their sex life was a “downer.” Movement down the left involves emotion. A phone is at the bottom of this stairway to emphasize the importance of communication.

The right is associated with conscious action. In this case, his depressed wife at the bottom of these stairs represented disappointment over the lack of sexual action, intimacy, in his marriage. The dream ends by recommending interaction with his wife like he had with the New York girls that pass in the distance.

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That Idea Just Might Float


Dream 219: That Idea Might Float

A 38-year-old woman dreamt that a man considering her for part-time work answering phones was with in a row-boat. She dropped her smart phone in the water. Somehow the phone went only about a foot deep into the water. He grabbed the phone and he handed it to her. She took the phone apart and wiped the water out of it so that the phone was dry. The phone was fine and worked.

Dream 219—Interpretation

A businessman wanted her to only answer phones for him, but she was unsure. Her being  surrounded by water with the boss indicated that how she navigated her emotions was key to her functioning in answering phones.

The good news is that the phone did not sink very far, i.e., the idea of answering phones for him might just float. The businessman rescuing the phone pointed to her business action part of her psyche being able to save the situation if she did not go too deep into her emotions. Her not becoming too emotional in her communications (drying the water from her phone) was vital to make the employment work for her.

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Clean Up Your Language

Dream 198A: Clean Up Your Communication

A 48-year-old man dreamt that he was a police officer. A mother was telling him to write down neatly the changes that needed to occur in her 12-year-old son. She complained that her son was only getting C’s and D’s.

Dream 198A–Interpretation

A police officer is a superego figure (as are all law enforcement officers.) The mother in the dream is his mother introject which primarily deals with emotional issues. The son is his immature actions.

He recently was getting in trouble with his wife for swearing too much. She complained that his swearing was ruining their positive emotional atmosphere. She thought it was juvenile (the boy) and she and his mother introject gave his speech low grades (C’s and D’s). The fact that the police officer wrote down the information means that he should take special note of what his mother introject is telling him. His superego or conscience is telling him to clean up (write more legibly, communicate more clearly) his language.
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