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Did anyone have a predictive dream about the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981?

Aftermath of Reagan Assassination Attempt
Aftermath of Reagan Assassination Attempt

Predictive Dream 388

Some dreams are dramatically predictive. Here is a good example by a man who had a dream predicting the assassination attempt of President Reagan:

“I dreamed, in January, 1981, President Reagan, would be shot in the head. I saw the man point the gun and shoot him. I saw, two secret service agents, grab him by his arms, capturing him. The man l identified looked like the man in my dream. A voice said, if you tell someone, he will not die. I called the secret service and they came to my home and interviewed me. I told my dream to them, as I remembered. The rest is history.”

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How are healing, sacred dreams, synchronicity, clairvoyance and predictive dreams related?


Dreams 386: Sacred Images in Dreams From the Collective Subconscious

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