What does a handicapped man with canes mean in my dream?

Dream 399: The best place to look for insight  is often within yourself I dreamed that I walked with canes in both hands. I was on the television show and I was being encouragedby the moderator to write about my experiences. My interpretation I had multiple sclerosis for 15 years starting in 1991. I hadContinue reading “What does a handicapped man with canes mean in my dream?”

Coming In 2016

I plan to release a book in 2016 regarding alternative and some conventional methods of dealing with chronic illness so that it goes into remission. Reike, prayer, exercise, angels, medical aides, the Tao Te Ching, Buddhism, Tai Chi, saints, meditation, physical therapy, Tarot cards, the violet flame of St. Germain, light work, Jungian dream interpretation,Continue reading “Coming In 2016”