Come on and light my fire

Dream 544: Strong emotions guide her shadow to create A woman had the following dream: “Here’s a good one. If anyone can tell me the meaning of this, I’ll be impressed I have no idea how it started. I was somewhere else, sometime else. There was some kind of a huge castle, in darkness. IContinue reading “Come on and light my fire”

What could intending to restore an old castle mean in a dream?

Dream 503: Restoring the kingdom within A man had the following dream: “I had a dream just before I woke up this morning in which I had somehow acquired a large mansion or palace in the UK, in or near London. In the dream, I knew it had been the former residence of the King/QueenContinue reading “What could intending to restore an old castle mean in a dream?”

Get Up and Go

Dream 248: Get Going A 26-year-old woman dreamt that she was in a castle dungeon. She nevertheless felt she was in a school where the evil queen was trying to teach her lessons about life. The evil queen there somehow felt empathy toward the dreamer. Suddenly, her mother showed up and whisked her away. SheContinue reading “Get Up and Go”