What does it mean to give birth to Jesus in a dream?

Dream 410: Born again A woman had the following dream: “So I had a dream that I was the mother of Jesus, I looked like me but I didn’t at the same time. My hair was longer and darker, my skin was darker, etc ..yet the same exact eyes,lips,height, and curls. I was standing inContinue reading “What does it mean to give birth to Jesus in a dream?”

What do large animals mean in a dream?

At the first level of dream interpretation, each living thing represents a part of the dreamer’s psyche. Animals represent basic drives or instincts. It is usually good to have large and powerful animals in your dreams because it means that you have lots of instinctive energy that can be used in your life. The followingContinue reading “What do large animals mean in a dream?”

My Attempt to Change Died

Dream 280: Change Died A 48-year-old woman dreamed that she bought the house of her son’s mother-in-law. When she arrived at this house, there was a dead baby in a casket with large funeral candles on each side of the casket. Interpretation This woman was hyper-critical of her son. His mother-in-law had a troubled backgroundContinue reading “My Attempt to Change Died”

Wild Horses May Take Me Away

Dream 211: Wild Horses May Take Me Away A 20-year-old woman dreamt that she was in the hospital after recently giving birth to a baby girl. She dreamt that her attractive and social girlfriend was now giving birth to a baby boy. She previously had gone on double dates with this friend. The dream shiftedContinue reading “Wild Horses May Take Me Away”