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Clean Up Your Language

Dream 198A: Clean Up Your Communication A 48-year-old man dreamt that he was a police officer. A mother was telling him to write down neatly the changes that needed to occur in her 12-year-old son. She complained that her son was only getting C’s and D’s. Dream 198A–Interpretation A police officer is a superego figureContinue reading “Clean Up Your Language”

My Wife Marries an Artist

A 44-year-old man dreamed that his wife married an artist. Dream 165 Interpretation Women in dreams, regardless of the gender of the dreamer, often represent an emotional part of the dreamer’s mind. Marriage usually represents an integration of male (action) and female (emotional) parts of the dreamer’s psyche. As such, it often signals that theContinue reading “My Wife Marries an Artist”

“Merkabah Recruit,” and “Merkabah Deception”

“Merkabah Recruit,” and “Merkabah Deception” The Merkabah books by L.Z. Marie are engaging, creative page-turners with intuitive literary splendor. Do yourself a favor and purchase them today at