What does blowing bubbles mean in a dream?

Dream 520: I’m forever blowing bubbles A woman had the following dream: “I had a strange dream last night, I was at a new job and I was sitting at the desk and I opened my cabinet.  I said that my jewelry is missing a necklace. On my left, there were 3 girls blowing bubbles.Continue reading “What does blowing bubbles mean in a dream?”


What could being at a water park mean in a dream?

Dream 478: Have fun, but avoid the strings attached or it could lead to a long slide A man had the following dream: “So I had a fairly weird dream this morning/yesterday night.. In one portion of my dream, I dreamed that I was texting my crush(I’m a guy and my crush is a girl),Continue reading “What could being at a water park mean in a dream?”

Kindle Countdown

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What do dolphins mean in a dream?

Dream Image 421: Dolphins are a sparkling, pure and playful energy in dreams Animals usually represent instinctive energy in dreams. Water virtually always represents emotions in dreams, especially subconscious emotions as the ocean is the biggest symbol of the subconscious that we have. When it involves the ocean, the dream usually involves how you areContinue reading “What do dolphins mean in a dream?”

What does the ocean, sea coral, and three children mean in a dream?

Dream 307 Grow in Awareness of Your Subconscious Emotions or Take a Good Look at Yourself A woman saw three children running toward a building. Then she found herself in a room which had a fair going on in it with a circus atmosphere replete with concessions, vendors, games, monkeys, fountains of chocolate, costumes, etc.Continue reading “What does the ocean, sea coral, and three children mean in a dream?”

Killing My Disability

Dream 222: Killing the Idea of Going On Disability A 42-year-old man dreamt that he was walking with his 8-year-old daughter down a path. They came upon a rattlesnake that looked threatening. He killed the rattlesnake and gave the rattlesnake’s rattlers to his daughter which she used as a play toy. Dream 222–Interpretation He wasContinue reading “Killing My Disability”

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