What does an eagle kissing you on the forehead mean in a dream?

Dream 501: A Spiritual Thank You! A woman had the following dream: I have with a dream question that I can’t figure out–it’s a fairly simple dream, just wondering if this has a big meaning. A bald eagle was flying high and stopped mid-air to kiss me on the forehead. I woke up feeling extremelyContinue reading “What does an eagle kissing you on the forehead mean in a dream?”

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Dreams Reflect Who You Are

Dreams show what is going on with dreamer subconsciously. They are often complex, because people especially at a subconscious level, are usually extremely complex. I find That’s the more complex and imaginative the dream, the more interesting, inventive, innovative and creative the person is. Find your groove with dreams with my book, “Dreams: Guide toContinue reading “Dreams Reflect Who You Are”

Why Does Rumi See Life As a Dream That Must Be Interpreted?

The great Rumi shows his profound understanding of life: “THE DREAM THAT MUST BE INTERPRETED This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief. But there’s a difference with this dream. Everything cruel and unconscious doneContinue reading “Why Does Rumi See Life As a Dream That Must Be Interpreted?”

What does a house mean in a dream?

Dream Answer 296 A house can represent the dreamer to some extent because it is the framework out of which one lives. This is especially the case if it was a house in which the dreamer once lived. The ages the dreamer was when living in the house (from birth to five years old, fromContinue reading “What does a house mean in a dream?”