What could my dream about floating down a river with a fish on fire mean?

I dreamt that I was floating down a river and was on fire but not being burned. An overriding voice told me that the energy to support the fire was coming from an underwater stockpile of fish which would be eternally replenished. I have been considering retiring and devoting energy to a number of economicContinue reading “What could my dream about floating down a river with a fish on fire mean?”

Avoid Being a Pain in the Neck to Yourself and Others

Dream 548: A woman had the following dream: “Warning this dream was a bit graphic and traumatic. I had a dream that I yelled at my daughter about something and she stopped what she was doing and slowly grabbed a saw and started to slice her neck. I tried to stop her, but she stillContinue reading “Avoid Being a Pain in the Neck to Yourself and Others”

Interview of Dr. Fox on “Everything Imaginable” Podcast

It was an enjoyable and informative interview by an interesting podcaster. See https://everything-imaginable.simplecast.com/episodes/steven-fox-phd-life-is-but-a-dream-dreams-guide-to-the-soul

Dr. Fox Lecture on Dream Interpretation


The Divine Child Archetype Explained

Lincoln’s Dream of Death by Assassination

youtu.be Lincoln had a dream that predicted his death shortly before he was assassinated…https://youtu.be/BY7T4tBBlVI

Dreams as Precursors to Scientific Discovery

Many scientific findings were enhanced by the theorist’s dreams. I discuss some of these dream discoveries in the following video:

What do panic dreams look like?

In this video I interpret a doomsday dream with panic disorder like imagery:

Giving Up the Handshake

I dreamed that I was on the steps of the Capitol during the insurrection. I was sitting there when a Trump supporting friend who is conservatively religious walked by. He looked at me with deep concern in his eyes. As he shook my hand, my mind was catapulted into reliving severe multiple sclerosis symptoms IContinue reading “Giving Up the Handshake”

How do I make decisions with dreams?

I more recently have become more focused on the practical advice dreams can give. I recently had a dream about my private psychologist practice. I am involved in many different projects. I am probably trying to juggle too many balls in the air at once. I have been forcing myself to sleep longer. This hasContinue reading “How do I make decisions with dreams?”

Dreams Whispered Advice

A great dream interpretation manual… Available at http://www.drfoxdreams.com

A Committed Life

Dream 546: Only by the Sweat of the Brow Does Man Eat Bread A woman described the following dream: “I had a dream last night that I couldn’t spell the word wet since it wasn’t in the word sweat. Any ideas what that could mean?” Interpretation I think that probably the primary emphasis is onContinue reading “A Committed Life”

Release of “Dreams Whispered Advice” book

What might spiders being on different parts of your body mean in a dream?

Dream 545: Let Those Spiders Lie A woman has the following dream: “I had a dream yesterday where I had 3 gigantic spiders with big black fangs one was on my back one was on my elbow and one on my hand I could hear myself saying dont move they will just get off butContinue reading “What might spiders being on different parts of your body mean in a dream?”

Delayed Post Traumatic Stress PTSD

Dreams Whisper I am writing a follow up to my dream book. The new book will be called “Dreams Whispered Advice.” I am including a chapter on delayed PTSD. I have had many clients who experienced warfare or severe sexual abuse whose PTSD gets worse when their lives get better decades later. How is thatContinue reading “Delayed Post Traumatic Stress PTSD”