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Luminous Dream Art: Joseph’s Dream

DreamGreat Art 492: Joseph’s Dream Carl Jung used the term “luminous” to describe the quality of particularly vivid dreams that fill the dreamer with a sense of sacred awe and wonder. This picture of Angel Gabriel telling Joseph that Mary was going to have the child Jesus comes close to that inspirational sacred awe thatContinue reading “Luminous Dream Art: Joseph’s Dream”

Analysing the overall pattern of a series of dreams

Dream 490: Analyzing a series of dreams, or skipping the details and going for theme A man described having the following series of dreams: “In my dreams dreams I am sitting at a table in a resturant and then I suddenly am flying and I am aware by the sound and feeling of electricity. IContinue reading “Analysing the overall pattern of a series of dreams”

What does hitting the wall and making the basket in basketball mean in a dream?

Dream 479: Doing something off the wall helps me score A man reported that he had the following dream: “I threw a basketball off the wall and into a basket.” Interpretation First off, I would guess that you did something off the wall and scored. A basketball is round. Circular objects imply the soul because aContinue reading “What does hitting the wall and making the basket in basketball mean in a dream?”

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“Dreams: Guide to the Soul” shows how an experienced psychologist developed an intuitive dream interpretation method.

What could an unfinished bridge and a possessed person mean in a dream?

Dream 430: Take Care of Yourself A woman had the following dream: “Horrible dream–I just woke up. It is 3am. I am driving a car and all of a sudden I have to break on a bridge because the road is being worked on (road is only rebar) I have to turn my car inContinue reading “What could an unfinished bridge and a possessed person mean in a dream?”

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Dreams Reflect Who You Are

Dreams show what is going on with dreamer subconsciously. They are often complex, because people especially at a subconscious level, are usually extremely complex. I find That’s the more complex and imaginative the dream, the more interesting, inventive, innovative and creative the person is. Find your groove with dreams with my book, “Dreams: Guide toContinue reading “Dreams Reflect Who You Are”

What does a house mean in a dream?

Dream Answer 296 A house can represent the dreamer to some extent because it is the framework out of which one lives. This is especially the case if it was a house in which the dreamer once lived. The ages the dreamer was when living in the house (from birth to five years old, fromContinue reading “What does a house mean in a dream?”