Dreams Whispered Advice

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Delayed Post Traumatic Stress PTSD

Dreams Whisper I am writing a follow up to my dream book. The new book will be called “Dreams Whispered Advice.” I am including a chapter on delayed PTSD. I have had many clients who experienced warfare or severe sexual abuse whose PTSD gets worse when their lives get better decades later. How is thatContinue reading “Delayed Post Traumatic Stress PTSD”

What does surgery and metal left in your body mean in a dream?

Dream 450: Testing your metal A woman dreams that she went through surgery that she did not want to have. The surgeons left metal in her body. She thought the dream was weird and wondered what it could mean. Interpretation  When doctors and hospitals are involved, the dream almost invariably is about healing. Surgery isContinue reading “What does surgery and metal left in your body mean in a dream?”

Kindle Countdown

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I’m Not Going to Abuse Substances

Dream 237: I’m Not Going to Abuse Substances A 42-year-old woman dreamt that she was on a horse with her best friend who was a dentist now. The horse stumbled and the dreamer fell down an Alice-in-Wonderland hole. She then was with a hostile ex-husband who was in bed with her. There was a manContinue reading “I’m Not Going to Abuse Substances”