What might spiders being on different parts of your body mean in a dream?

Dream 545: Let Those Spiders Lie

A woman has the following dream:

“I had a dream yesterday where I had 3 gigantic spiders with big black fangs one was on my back one was on my elbow and one on my hand I could hear myself saying dont move they will just get off but then I was panicked and was waving my hand trying to get it off and this huge spider off and it just kept jamming his teeth prong things into my hand. when the dream started it was like I was looking at myself from the view of somebody else.”


Three is the number of change. Spiders are predators who plan their attacks. Elbows bend. Backs support. Waving your hand is volunteering. Things are at a standstill but will change for the deeply negative probably if you raise your hand to volunteer for something that is not in your best interests. You must not bend simply to the will of others (spider on the elbow); however, you must not anger those that are supporting you (spider on the back). It is all very precarious, but you must resist your urges to make moves that invite others attacks. It is my best guess for what it is worth.

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