Delayed Post Traumatic Stress PTSD

Dreams Whisper

I am writing a follow up to my dream book. The new book will be called “Dreams Whispered Advice.” I am including a chapter on delayed PTSD.

I have had many clients who experienced warfare or severe sexual abuse whose PTSD gets worse when their lives get better decades later. How is that possible? Their lives became better, and even optimal, yet they experience horrific vivid nightmares of the original trauma.

In the new chapter, I explain how it is all a matter of your subconscious calculating that the person finally has enough psychological reserves to process what happened. This and other insights into the “rules” guiding dream interpretation will be revealed (along with summarizing the original forty rules). See

Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

Psychologist and author of "Dreams: Guide to the Soul" & "Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission" This first book of mine shows how I developed an intuitive dream interpretation method through clinical psychologist private practice and Jungian theory. The book is titled "Dreams: Guide to the Soul." It is available at I wrote my second book in 2018. The second book describes my miracle MS remission, and is called "Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission: Healing MS Against All Odds." It is available at amazon at

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