Come on and light my fire


Dream 544: Strong emotions guide her shadow to create

A woman had the following dream:

“Here’s a good one. If anyone can tell me the meaning of this, I’ll be impressed

I have no idea how it started. I was somewhere else, sometime else. There was some kind of a huge castle, in darkness. I had my two cats with me, but they were kittens again. I was called upon. Being me, something was calling to me. A man, or a demon. He felt like both. I remember the sexual and emotional feelings of loyalty. We were at war, and I could fly. I had powers, I could shoot flame and fireballs. I didn’t feel evil, I felt both. I remember asking him ‘the devil’, for a child. He told me demons couldn’t have children or give birth to demons. I told him “you are not a demon, you are an angel, and these little ones might be demons, but they would be beautiful and strong, as their father”
I don’t remember more about it. But it felt so real, and scary but at the same time, It was what I wanted. Such a weird feeling.”

It is a very archetypal (castle) big dream talking about how your affections (kitties) are unsure about unleashing huge inner strength to action (the male demon). You are emotionally and subconsciously calming yourself to go forward to match your strong life-changing (fire) emotions with equally strong actions because they will create strong beautiful growth (babies).

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Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

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