What does removing a white moth from your baby son’s elbow mean?

Dream 531: Seeking the light

Driven to the light

A woman had the following dream:

“I dreamed that I was holding my 8 month old son and noticed that his arm had a bump and was swelling. Then I saw a little string on it so when I pulled it, I pulled out a white moth(the string was 1 of its antennas I guess). So now I was freaking out trying to rush him to the hospital because I pulled a bug out of his arm. Any meaning? Weird and scary…

Dream Interpretation

At the first level of dream interpretation, each living thing represents a part of the dreamer’s mind. Males tend to go with an action part of the mind. The age of the character represents the age of the action, whether it is a new or developed action. White is the most spiritual color there is. Arms are usually practical things that you do. Elbows are associated with sayings like “to elbow your way in. Moths are nocturnal creatures that for some reason are driven to lights. Antennae are the way the moth senses the world. A moth in the context of this dream would represent your internalized instinct to seek the light or enlightenment. A hospital is a place of healing. Putting this aIl together, I think at the first level, you are driven and profoundly affected by your son to seek the light and heal yourself for the sake of yourself and your son. It will be a process that takes some time.

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