Three Jungian Analysts talk about the shadow in dreams and in life

Dream Link 526: Integrating the parts of us we do not want to have

The best dream interpreters are usually Jungians. This link and website gives a pithy discussion of the personal shadow by three Jungian analysts.

Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

Psychologist and author of "Dreams: Guide to the Soul" & "Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission" This first book of mine shows how I developed an intuitive dream interpretation method through clinical psychologist private practice and Jungian theory. The book is titled "Dreams: Guide to the Soul." It is available at I wrote my second book in 2018. The second book describes my miracle MS remission, and is called "Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission: Healing MS Against All Odds." It is available at amazon at

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