What could plants growing out of your hands mean in a dream?

Dream 525: Plant sprouts growing out of the palms of my hands

A woman who was raped twice in her life had the following dream:

Growing brand new feelings

“I am still getting over being raped twice in my life. Strange dream, first I’ve remembered. Plants growing out of my hands. Other women same but they have babies, and babies are born with plants coming out of them and die. Then a crowded bedroom and other rooms with urine in the corners and wall and I’m trying to dress babies.”

abies in dreams usually represent new parts of yourself. The plants seem to be growing, but the babies die. This would say to me that you are trying to grow, and the tender parts of you that have been hurt by the two rapes can give the energy for new growth (plants regenerate from the terrible experiences–you have new growth which is unconstrained and probably needs support).

Water is emotion and urine is emotion that you are trying to eliminate. The plants growing out of your hands would to me probably be new positive things you are trying to do, because we do things with our hands. Clothing usually represent psychological defenses, and you are dressing the babies meaning that you are being positively protective of your feelings.

The dreamer gave me the feedback that she had the following reaction to the interpretation: “Actually that was very comforting and quite accurate.”

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Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

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