What does your mother missing one leg in a dream mean?

Dream 524: I do not have a leg to stand on

A man dreamed he was in a car with his mother and her third husband. It was a Ford Pinto. Suddenly, the care flipped over end over end and landed in a warehouse. His mother was missing a leg, but carried on as if nothing bothered her. There were other people in the warehouse that were vague distant figures that did not communicate with them.


His mother led a confusing and chaotic life. The dreamer had to work during high school to support her. She had serial relationships and was continually moving to new cultures.

A car usually represents trying to make progress in modern life. The car flipping over multiple times was about the many times she turned the family’s life upside down with the major moves. A warehouse in dreams is frequently a storehouse of memories in a dream. In this case, the vague figures of people represented the people that were left behind as they became mostly distant memories.

A mother in a dream usually represents the dreamer’s mother introject which is usually the basis of emotional support. Legs support the body’s functions and mobility. That she was missing a leg and not concerned about it symbolizes the half-support she gave the dreamer–she had little clue how the lack of concern about her actions was affecting the dreamer.

Details are frequently important in dreams. He noted that they ate a lot of pinto beans as a child.

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