You can’t hide your snake glowing eyes

Dream 512: Change, Change, Change
A woman had the following image dream: “A very long black snake with three heads and glowing red eyes.”


A snake is a symbol of change since it’s one of the few animals that completely sheds its skin. Three is the number of change in the sense of three people in a relationship is the most unstable situation you can have–things are going to change.

Red usually indicates strong emotion–it can be either anger or love depending on the situation. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul.

She is orobably anticipating or going through some major kind of a change that is very emotional. How the snake is behaving is important. Is the snake threatening and moving, something she observes from a distance, etc.? Her feelings in the dream would also be key here. How she feels in the dream is likely how she feels about the changes or coming changes.

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3 thoughts on “You can’t hide your snake glowing eyes

  1. I had this following dream:
    I recognize two people from the dream who happen to be my classmates, (who are toppers and achievers).we are reading and spending time in a library/house , a wooden house like in a Forrest or something. The house is situated in a L-shaped path in a proper Forrest ruin setup. the L-SHAPED path seems to be on loop guessing by the path( the house is situated on one end of the day , we strat reading in a table next to the house and all of a sudden , we spot a snake and we panic. I guide them to the L path only to find it to be crawling with snakes .so I stop them and direct them to the other path of the L.when we reach the other path we spot a back side of a snake which has a proper dark crystal black skin with sandal colored cubic spots on it .. then we run into the house…

    1. People in a dream at the first level represent different parts of your mind. A library is where you gather knowledge and/or learn. It could also be a house near a forest so the learning involves your natural personal life close to home.

      The friends are probably the achieving and learning parts of your personality. Snakes usually represent change since they are one of the few animals to completely shed its skin. There are many changes (many snakes) that require you to take a new direction.

      When the different direction is taken, it involves a major singular soulful change, which are characteristics of the snake. Black can represent soulful or shadow change.

      The snake has complex geometric patterns on it. You flee into the house.

      Putting this all to gather, the dream seems to be saying that you take a different direction because of many changes occurring, but then return to your home base because the different direction involves singular, soulful, and perhaps shadow changes which worry you.

      This could either be a description of a situation as it is now or could be a predictive dream. The interpretation should be taken with a grain of salt because I do no know your personal circumstances.

    2. At the 1st level of dream interpretation, the two friends represent different parts of your personality. Libraries involve knowledge and learning usually. It could also be a house, so it probably involves learning or changes in your personal life. In this case, the friends would represent the achieving and learning parts of yourself.

      Snakes usually represent change because they are one of the few animals that completely sheds its skin. There are many snakes, many changes, that cause you to change direction. The characteristics of the snake often reflect what kind of change it is that may occur.

      Black often represents soulful and/or shadow change. The geometric patterns are usually complex changes. The new direction leads to singular major qualitative, perhaps shadow, change that frightens you into returning to your home base.

      Putting it all together, it sounds like it involves taking a different direction because of many changes occurring in your personal learning. The new path leads to such singular major complex change or learning, which could have shadow elements, that you decide to return to your home-based values and/or things you are familiar with.

      This dream may be describing what is occurring or may be predictive. I do not know your personal circumstances, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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