What does a tarantula and a turtle represent in a dream?


Dream 461: Enough Planning already

A man had the following dream:

I had a dream I was sleeping on a couch. Then I looked at the floor and I saw a turtle trying to get away from a tarantula. The turtle was too slow and the tarantula started to attack the turtle. Any idea of what this means ?


Animals at the first level usually represent the dreamer’s instincts. A turtle represents defensiveness because it’s surrounded by a shell. A turtle also represents slow but steady progress. A spider usually represents planning in the sense that it builds webs to catch its victims. A tarantula is aggressive often.

I would say your subconscious wants you to aggressively pursue some goal and not take the slow and gradual approach for now. I’m taking it that the trantula caught the turtle. I am guessing that your subconscious is getting impatient with a slow gradual defensive approach and wants you to plan forceful action.

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2 thoughts on “What does a tarantula and a turtle represent in a dream?

  1. My Wife dreamt of a small tortoise jumping up and eating an enormous white Tarantula which was coming through the living room window. should i call the mental institution lol.

    1. In dreams, animals represent the dreamer’s instincts. A turtle has a shell so would probably represent the instincts to defend and protect yourself. The trantula is potentially aggressive and deadly. I think this dream is about her psychological defenses. White is the most spiritual color. It is interesting that that color is paired with a gigantic tarantula.

      The turtle eats the trantula and is the winner. I think that she may get angry at times and feel very righteous and almost spiritual about her righteousness to the degree that it can be dangerous, because she might engage in dangerous behavior that she otherwise wouldn’t do because she believes it is justified spiritually or more.

      I think the turtle eating the trantula means that her protective instincts see the importance of not getting carried away with aggression even if it seems spiritually justified. I believe the dream may be advising that to protect herself, she may have to eat her aggression at times, even if it seems morally right.

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