What does a white buffalo symbolize in a dream?


Dream 460: Give me a spiritual home “Where the Buffalo Roam”

The Native Americans so the Buffalo as a sign of abundance because it supplied almost all of their needs. The color white is the most spiritual color as it is a combination of all the other colors. The Lakota Indians saw the White Buffalo as uniting all the different races of man. The White Buffalo was always a very sacred symbol that was a good omen of good times to come.

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2 thoughts on “What does a white buffalo symbolize in a dream?

  1. i had a dream about white carabao, the white caraao was running away from me, and i was running after this white carabao. it climbs up realy fast therefore i didnot find it. on my way back i see a black boy carabao.. what does it mean?

    1. Animals usually represent your instincts if dreams. Carabou are large elk like wild animals with perserverence and strength in harsh conditions. White is the most spiritual color there is.
      The dream may be reflecting that you want to catch your instincts to do good in the world, and are frustrated that this may not be happening as much as you want it to. Black is a soulful grounded color which would point to your ability to withstand harsh reality.
      I would suggest that the black carabou is probably more the way you are, while the white caribou represents some aspirations of how you want to be in the world.
      In any case, having large animals in dreams indicates you have a lot of energy available to adapt to your life situation.

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