What does a three headed snake, groceries, and your daughter hiding behind you mean in a dream?

Dream 422: Decisions I hate to make

My daughter had a dream that she had went into a bag to pull out some grocery and all of a sudden a three-headed snake pop up out the bag and her daughter got scared and start hiding behind her and she tried to chop off the snake heads and it wouldn’t chop off. What is the meaning of this dream…


In dreams groceries (food) is psychological support or nurture usually. A snake represents change because it’s one of the few animals to shed its skin. The change probably involves three difficult choices or people the dreamer has to use their head to select from– since she was trying to cut off the head of the snake which also implies that she really doesn’t want to decide, but because she could not cut the heads off, she must decide.

It is probably an emotional decision as her daughter might represent her inner Emotional Self that she wants to hide. This is taking her daughter as the average little girl and assuming that she has no problems or outstanding characteristics which would influence what she is trying to hide emotionally. This is said without knowing her and represents possible guesses that occurred to me off the top of my head.

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5 thoughts on “What does a three headed snake, groceries, and your daughter hiding behind you mean in a dream?

  1. I had this dream of entering a forbidden fortress, filled with snakes. My objective was to find the snake which granted wishes, and I did. But it was no regular snake , it was three types of snake attached to the same body. I put some large sum of money in the snake hole and it granted me a wish, say I should never enter this fort again and not talk about this to anyone . Then I escaped the fortress only to fall into a pond. When I dried myself, I found every evidence of me visiting the fort was erased. What sort of dream is this? It was really weird.

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    1. A snake usually represents change because it is one of the few animals that completely sheds its skin. Three is the number of change because if there are three people in a relationship, things are bound to change. There are three different kinds of snakes or three different kinds of change or three choices.

      The area you enter the find the snake is a forbidden fortress. This may imply entering the area of forbidden desires or forbidden wishes. You are granted one of the wishes, but can tell no one about it.

      In fact, to get the wish, you have to throw money down a hole. The whole thing sounds very magical. There are numerous possibilities. Sometimes when there is magic involved, drugs may be on the scene somehow, because using drugs is often magical thinking that it can help you do something that you could not do otherwise.

      It also could be an illicit relationship or an affair which creates a “love triangle.” This could be something that happened, it’s happening now, or the dream is warning or predicting it could happen in the future.

      In any case, the dream is making an explicit warning about “throwing money down a hole” which could involve trying to fulfill a forbidden wish. It should be remembered that money in a dream doesn’t always necessarily just mean money. Money most often, in a dream, represents energy and/or resources you devote to a situation or to getting what you want. In this case, I think it is pointing to throwing money or energy down a hole, wasting your personal energy trying to fulfill forbidden wishes that do not come true.

      In the last part of the dream, where you fall into a pond, I believe the dream is trying to emphasize to forget all about trying to fulfill a forbidden desire. In dreams, water is emotion. I believe the dream is predicting that you need to wash away a forbidden desire and forget that you ever had it. In general, the dream is pointing to the fruitlessness of wishing for things and wasting your energy on things that are stressful or forbidden. It is recommending removing any evidence of the forbidden wish.

      The above is speculative because I do not know you.

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      1. THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING THE ABOVE DREAM TO ME, by the way i have never tried drugs AND i am pursuing a career in law . i put a lot of effort remembering the whole dream, quickly to the part where i throw money in to a MICE hole with a slide through which the snake comes out . i ask for a wish , i say i want to be the richest and powerful human and stuff like that.. now while escaping i meet two people out of the fort , a man and a woman , i thank them for their help in reaching my objective and ask them to leave with me , they say they are people of the fort , i thank again and escape with no memory in the pond

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          In reply to shadowsnipes.
          Each character in a dream usually represents a different part of yourself. A man usually represents an action part of your personality, while a woman represents a more emotional part of your psyche. I think this dream might be pointing to either the change of your wishes in life, or the need for some changes in your wishes, to produce the best effect for yourself, which is what the subconscious wants to do for you.

          It sounds like to pursue your goals, you needed to use a specific action part of yourself and specific emotional part of yourself. Pursuing wealth and power was probably an important part of motivating your shadow so that you had the “get up and go” to accomplish your goals. This is all good and appropriate.

          My guess about it being a mouse hole, may involve you’re putting a lot of personal energy and resources into what your subconscious ultimately viewed as small goals that needed to change, thus, the appearance of the snake which signaled that change is needed.

          Your goals included money and power to begin with, but are in need of additional goals now because you’ve developed further. In other words, the three headed snake represents changes in yourself which initially were wanting money and power, but now needs an additional motivation, such as leaving a legacy or improving mankind that will further motivate you from this point, once you’ve achieved enough money and power not to be worried about the initial two goals anymore.

          It sounds like you’ve been successful enough, in your subconscious’ opinion, to forget about, or at least deprioritize, your original goals, or at least upgrade them to include, a third perhaps more altruistic goal. The first two goals are fine and can be kept in stride, but I believe your subconscious wants you to add a third goal to those initial primary goals.

          There was nothing wrong with having the money and power as goals to begin with. Your subconscious, which is intensely focused on what is best for you, now recognizes that a higher level goal is probably necessary to carry you forward, once you’ve achieved enough power and wealth to satisfy your shadow.

          Again, this is all fine and good, as we need the shadow to accomplish even altruistic goals. I think the dream ends with a loss of memory probably because your Shadow may want you to “forget about” the initial goals which motivated you to carry yourself forward. You now may need some additional goal to motivate yourself.

          The reason the man and the woman stay inside the fortress at the very end is to emphasize that you don’t need to use these parts as much anymore. The initial action part of your personality and the initial part of your emotions that you used to accomplish your money and power goals, are not needed as much anymore. The dream seems to be saying you can literally leave these parts behind as you move forward, because they are not as necessary as they were in the past.

          This is a very complex dream which could have many different interpretations. The above represents one of many possible guesses.


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