What does a plethora of food and a muffeletta you can’t eat mean in a dream?

Dream 417: I want a little bit of everything 

A young  woman had the following dream:

Care to help me figure out why I dreamed about being at a Hispanic family’s place for lunch? It was a huge buffet with many different types of beans, sauerkraut, cabbage, sausages, and some non-Mexican sandwiches. I specifically remember getting a wedge of what looked like a muffuletta but at the end of the long line of tables I saw a sandwich tray with roasted bell peppers and goat cheese with balsamic glaze drizzled on top. I had no more room on my plate for it and wanted to cut the other sandwich in half so I could get a thin slice of that one. I woke up as I was train to ask the woman at the table to help me cut a small piece off the sandwich. It was off the main line which seemed odd. Her phone rang and she turned away with the knife in hand. Needless to say, I woke up hungry! I didn’t eat any of the food except for a thin ribbon of red cabbage if that makes any difference. It didn’t seem to be any special occasion for them, just lunch for their huge family.”



This is a soulful dream about being nurtured. The darker the skin in dreams, typically the more soul is being summoned. Food is nurturing and there are a plethora of ways of being nurtured. Muffeletta is a section of a sandwich that has multiple ingredients. That is what is striking about the dream is that there is such a selection.

If it were my dream, the idea would be that you want to take a small part of everything rather than selecting an individual item. Even then, it sounded like you wanted to be involved in a small way.

Your dream doesn’t want to hear this and punctuates this point by having a woman with a knife turn away from you when you’re trying to communicate.

To me the dream seems to be saying you need to throw yourself into something wholeheartedly instead of having a little bit of everything which your subconscious thinks isn’t really possible for some reason which is unknown to me.

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