What does the green light mean in dream?

Do something the way that guy you liked did it
Do something the way that guy you liked did it

Dream 308: Do It the Way He Would

A woman dreamed that a man that she had a special relationship with had his picture in facebook with a green light next to it. She wondered why this image stuck in her mind.


Each character in a dream represents a part of the dreamer’s mind. Men tend to represent action parts of the psyche. The green button next to his picture would probably mean there was something about the way he did things that the dreamer’s subconscious wanted her to emulate.

Her dream was literally giving her the green light to go ahead and do something in a way similar to the way her special friend would have done it. What that something is depends upon what his personality was like in real life, especially as he displayed it on Facebook. It is interesting how technology is changing dreams.

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Do something the way that guy you liked did it

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