What Does a Fox Mean in Dreams?

A White Spiritual Fox
A White Spiritual Fox

Dream Image 294: I thought I would explain what my namesake means in a dream. First off, animals represent our instinctive drives. A fox is a wily cunning strategist who thinks outside the box. As such, native indigenous people often associated the Fox with the trickster archetype.

The trickster is a major archetype or pattern of thought in dreams. He typically makes impossible situations work by going outside what has been officially authorized. He bends the formal rules to satisfy impossible sometimes dictatorial expectations, i.e., he/she is tricky.

He is a clever sharp intelligent playful and flexible artisan who designs ways to get around onerous rules. The Fox frequently defies historic conventions for the good of humanity. There is a charming Apache legend that the Fox was responsible for bringing fire to people.

In the story, the Fox breaks the rules of the universe by somehow stealing fire from fireflies. Again, one would think that such a feat was impossible, but the trickster fox somehow makes it happen. As a punishment for his theft, the Fox was never allowed to use fire for himself. His deed ended up helping mankind but consigned the benefactor thief to the cold.

One never wants to forget the importance of slang or common meanings in dreams. It should also be remembered that “a fox” can represent an attractive woman/man. To be called “a fox” is to be called an intelligent tricky and good-looking beneficial manipulator.

The color white is the most spiritual color there is. A white fox is a spiritual master cleverly working within, but not strictly according to, the laws of the universe. I rather like my namesake.

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Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

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  1. Excuse the strange punctuation and grammar in points of my post as I posted this via an iPhone quickly without paying mind to the autocorrect feature which substitutes words it thinks you want to type in..

    Thank you

  2. I have a dream that needs interpretation, and it bothers me because everything I read on the net says he same damn thing- someone wants to or is using deceit to harm me behind my back, and the trouble is there is someone in my life who I have to deal with on. Daily basis and I don’t trust this person..anyways, I dreamt of a red-orange coloured fox snarling and growling at me in my front yard from a distance of maybe 6-12 feet and then suddenly this fox began charging straight towards me to attack me; as this happened, I remember feeling fear and panic and attempted to run away, but was unable to move my legs and strangely for some reason I bent down and put my head between my legs while continuing to feel the dread and expectation that I was about to be viciously bitten and attacked by the fox, but again, strangely, nothing happened, I was not attacked at all and now I can’t remember exactly how this dream ended, but I had the sense that the fox that was attacking me had vanished as was no longer there, and then I awoke with an episode of sleep paralysis (I was awake could move my eyes but could not open my mouth to speak or move my body at all, which was also an unpleasant experience- until I finally shook myself out of it somehow)

    1. It sounds like the interpretations you have been reading have been interpreting the dream at the second level which I call the interpersonal level. This level typically talks about the fox being outside you and/or being someone else.

      In my world, I consider each living thing or force to be a part of the dreamer’s mind. Animals usually go with instincts. The fox is a good-looking, intelligent, and playful creature that is crafty and gets what it needs. That fox is part of you.

      I think the dream is giving advice here. I think this fox represents a part of you that you do not want to acknowledge. I think the dream is trying to say that using a clever, and/or manipulative part of yourself would be helpful in some of your situations.

      This fox is part of your Shadow so you reject it and fear that it will hurt you. You expect to be hurt, but the fox does not attack you. I think the dream is encouraging you to use your foxy social skills and wits to get where you need. I think your unconscious trusts you enough to think that you’re not going to hurt anybody in a big way, including yourself.

      Interpreting dreams at the first level is always the hardest and is usually the most fruitful approach. The second level can have some merit, but it is only about 50% reliable since the interpreter would have to have access to every detail of the dreamer’s life, which only the dreamer has.

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