Feeding the Inner Shark

Dream 278: Feeding the Inner Shark

A 42-year-old man dreamed that he was swimming in the ocean infested with sharks. Sometimes the sharks would bite him, and sometimes he would bite the sharks. Neither he nor the sharks were seriously hurt by the bites.

The scene shifted to his hometown streets being flooded. Again the water was filled with sharks. He was able to bite and nourish himself from the sharks. He somehow knew that eating the sharks was “medicinal.”

A Chinese woman came to warn him not to bite the sharks too much. She did not disapprove of his feeding on the sharks, but mainly wanted him not to go overboard. He knew that the sharks were not hurt by his feeding upon them, because the bite marks immediately healed and regenerated.

Water is emotion. The ocean is the best symbol of the subconscious that we have. Creatures in the ocean, like sharks, represent subconscious energy.

Sharks represent aggressive energy because they are the ultimate predators. A persona needs some aggressive energy to accomplish goals, as aggressive energy ends up being the “get up and go” needed to achieve. Other parts of the personality need to moderate the aggressive energy so that it is sublimated into desired outcomes.

The dream starts out by noting that sometimes he is the prey, and sometimes he is the predator. When the sharks are moved from the ocean to the streets of his hometown, the dream is moving from his subconscious (the ocean) to his conscious (the land). The dream emphasizes that incorporating predator behavior into himself (eating the shark) was genuinely healing or “medicinal.”

Women tend to represent more emotional parts of the psyche. That she was Chinese was the dream’s way of indicating that her way of handling emotions was somewhat foreign to him. The message of the dream was that he perhaps should be somewhat more assertive in getting what he wanted, but that he should not take it too far.

It was interesting that shark cartilage is thought to be healing. In the dream, this was emphasized over and over. No one was hurt by being bitten. Tissue that was bitten regenerated.

The dream was not overly critical as it indicated he vacillated from being prey or predator. It just thought he should be more predator-like somewhat more of the time. He may need even to be aggressive sometimes.

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Published by Steven G. Fox Ph.D.

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  1. Hi, I had a dream last night about a shark..In the dream, I had been looking at brochures for one of michigans lakes, although it was strange because it looked a lot more like a jamaican beach (very clear water)..well I don’t remember the in between very much, skipping forward I was in the water just enjoying it when I had a sense that there was something below the water, so I went underwater and there was a shark, you could see blood coming out of his mouth as if he had just ate a meal so I was hiding under a plastic like dock? And the weird thing was that there was a metal ladder to the right, as if we were in a pool, even the ocean was clear no animals or plant life I don’t remember if there was sand. After staying underwater I remember thinking I couldn’t hold my breath this long so I tried getting out of the water to head over to my mom and sister, I climbed up the ladder (about 4 steps) and when I got to the last one, the shark got ahold of my right foot, it didn’t hurt but I could feel that he was clamped around it, I don’t recall if I got away. Could you help me interpret this further? Please and many thanks -Deborah

    1. Interesting dream. Water is invariably emotions in dreams. Particularly subconscious emotions. It depends upon what type of body of water it is also. The open ocean represents the best symbol we have for the vast subconscious. A pool represents our emotions at home because pools are located near homes. The image in the dream sounds like a combination of the ocean and a pool so that they together represent your deep subconscious emotions at home. Each character in a dream represents a part of our mind. Women tend to represent the parts of the dreamers mind that deals with emotions. That your mother and sister are in the dream especially emphasizes that it’s about emotions at home. Animals represent our instincts. The shark is an aggressive predator. It is a shadow energy that we all deal with and are uncomfortable with for the most part. The dream implies that you are immersed in your emotions and dealing with your instincts or anger which we all have. We need these instincts to some extent to defend ourselves. The dream indicates that you worry about being overly angry sometimes at home and try not to dwell on it as it makes you uncomfortable. When you try to get out of the pool to go to your mother and sister, the shark grabs your right leg. This is important. It sounded like it didn’t really hurt you but mainly wanted you to stay in the pool. This is the dreams way of saying it wants you to deal with these issues to help you deal emotionally with others. Even the fact that it grabbed her right leg is significant. Legs support us. The right side is associated with our conscious intentions. This suggest that the dream want you to deal with any angers you have at home to help you be supportive to others and to yourself. I do not know you well enough to be able to go into great detail, but rather the above interpretation is intended to give some general outlines or possible hypotheses as to what the dream might mean for you to consider. It is a good dream and I will discuss it more if you widh. What questions does the above interpretation raise in your mind?

      1. Possible Details to Wonder About

        We know at the first level that this dream is about emotional conflicts at home. At the next and second level of the dream, it is vital to get details from the dreamer. Let me explain.

        For example, this dream could involve money conflicts and difficulty leaving home. The term “loan shark” comes to mind. One wonders whether there are money issues.

        It is possible that she is subconsciously angry because she feels controlled because someone she is close to her has a financial hold on her (the shark not allowing her to leave the pool is the major clue here). Being in such a situation is especially stressful because if she leaves the current financial arrangements, she might feel that she didn’t have a leg to stand on (the shark would not let go of her leg). While it looks like she might be in a “hostile dependency” situation, getting further details from the dreamer would be vital to fully interpret this interesting dream.

  2. Mira Prabhu – India – I was born in India and moved to New York in my mid-twenties. It was during my tumultuous residence in Manhattan that I first became fascinated by eastern philosophy’s power to transform the genuine seeker.So, during the freezing winter of 1993, I began to write Whip of the Wild God, a novel of tantra set in an ancient civilization reminiscent of India’s famous Indus Valley Civilization. I completed this novel–believe it or not!–twenty years later, in the shadow of Arunachala, the ancient hill considered by millions to be the God Shiva incarnate. Three more novels are currently simmering in my consciousness–Copper Moon Over Pataliputra, set in the time of the magnificent Mauryan Empire (300 BCE, India); Krishna’s Counsel, a contemporary novel (the genre: metaphysical crime fiction!), set both in India and New York, and a third, untitled, in which I intend to present the spiritual “view” necessary for seeking moksha, or enlightenment–a unique and perhaps controversial view I have garnered from my travels and study all across the globe–from south India to Manhattan, to the foothills of the Himalayas, Europe, and finally back to south India. I now live in the deep south of India, hanging out with my divine canines, Kali and Aghori, delighting in my growing garden, and continuing to mine my own creative and spiritual potential.
    Mira Prabhu says:

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    The mysteries of inner space…feeding your inner shark…fascinating, thank you Dr. Steven Fox…

      1. Jung thought mental health was integrating all the different aspects of personality so that a person could have a large range of responses to any given situation. It is all about getting to know all the different parts of Self through dreams.

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