2014 Teal & Silver Award


I present on dreams at Chandler Gilbert Community College each semester for the last three years. I give an hour-long presentation and answer questions about dreams. Afterwards, the students form a long line to ask me to interpret a dream for them.

This process agrees with my view that if the interpreter knows the gender and age of the dreamer, the psychologist should be able to tell the dreamer what basic processes are occurring in the dreamer’s psyche or mind. The interpreter’s accuracy is usually about eighty percent. At the second and interpersonal level, which is the level the lay public typically applies to dreams, the interpreter’s accuracy drops to about fifty percent.

They honored me by giving me the 2014 Teal & Silver Award in the category of “Community Organization Partner.” I told them that I never dreamed I would receive an award for doing what I love to do. There is almost nothing I would rather do than interpret a dream.

Presentations are based on Dreams: Guide to the Soul which is at http://www.drstevenfox.com


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